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Bloom Booster

From 25,00
Bloom Booster is a powerful flowering stimulator, generating an explosive bloom and a massive production. With the specially designed formula, Bloom Booster creates larger and heavier blooms, providing the basic elements, which your valuable crops need, so as to grow into heavy buds and blooms.

Sticky Fingers

From 71,00
Sticky Fingers is a specially designed bloom booster, designed to maximize the plant’s trichome production to the highest level, which will finally mean better buds with a more intense aroma and a more powerful effect. It also helps the plant in obtaining its maximum capacity of resin glands. Sticky Fingers achieves this by encouraging the natural expansion of the plant’s resin glands, which produce vegetable oil, while increasing the number of gland sites. Sticky Fingers increases terpenes and essential oils. Terpenes play a significant role in plant growth and survival. Apart from producing distinctive aromas, these organic compounds also enrich the colour and pigmentation of leaves and buds and contribute to plant fragrance. The more concentrated and diverse terpenes are, the stronger the smells and tastes.

Sugar shot

From 29,00
Sugar shot is a specially designed mixture of complex and simple carbohydrates to provide energy to plants in the flowering stage. Sugar shot increases the levels of sugar, aromas and taste in the plant and in the final product. Using Sugar shot, you can be sure that useful microbes in the soil will be abundantly nourished, which in its turn will support cultivation and growth of your living environment. Sugar shot improves the organoleptic properties of flowers and increases their weight.